wear your history

Life through the lens of Michael Cepress, an artist invested in the adornments of the world, the dress of its people, and why any of it matters in the first place.  It is not Fashion, but Style that leads the way - celebrating the power of cultural storytelling through the magic of clothing.

Hand in Hand with Friends Above

I'm still reflecting on my sailing trip down the Hudson on Thursday, which I suppose was all a part of Pete Seeger's plan when he built the boat and carried groups by water - and by song - down the river for so many years.

Michael Cepress
The Clearwater

I had the amazing opportunity to sail down the Hudson River on The Clearwater, which was Pete Seeger's glorious sailboat and gift to us all as a reminder of the magic of sailing and the beauty of the river. In 1969 Pete launched The Clearwater, fueled by his brilliant voice as a folk musician and political/environmental activist - in his words he wanted to “build a boat to save the river.”

Michael Cepress

Amidst the drizzle and chill in Woodstock, I felt nothing but warm and was able to end my few days here with John Sebastian

Michael Cepress